We invite you to take part in the 1st International Congress of Mesotherapy Experts on June 19-20 2019!

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The main purpose of the 1st International Congress of Mesotherapy Experts is development and promotion of the classic mesotherapy and proficiency enhancement of mesotherapists.

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Speakers from France, Great Britain and Tunisia prepare reports on the following topics:

  • Origins and history of mesotherapy as an alternative medicine approach;
  • Relevance of this approach for the preventive therapy of diseases and pain;
  • Aesthetic mesotherapy;
  • Active substances in medicines and their effect;
  • other relevant topics.

Science Agenda Manager and speaker: Philippe Petit, a disciple, associate and right-hand of Michel Pistor – the founder of mesotherapy.


Disciple, ally, right hand of Michel Pistor - the founder of mesotherapy.
Founder and President of the World Society for Anti-aging Mesotherapy (WAAMS). President of the International Society of Mesotherapy from 1998 to 2007. President of the French Society of Mesotherapy from 1994 to 2001. Founder of the inter-university diploma program in mesotherapy at the University of Bordeaux. Speaker of international conferences.
President of the Tunisian Association of Biotherapy (SoTuBio) for 35 years. Member of the pedagogical collegium of the university diploma program in mesotherapy of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Marseille from 1988-1989. He speaks at various educational conferences and seminars on mesotherapy in cities and countries such as Kazakhstan, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Moscow, Tunisia and others from 1988 to the present. Board Member of the International Society of Mesotherapy from 1990 to 2002. Vice-President of the International Society of Mesotherapy since 2009. President of the Organizing Committee of the 15th International Congress of the International Society of Mesotherapy (ICM 2019, Tunisia) 2018-2019 From 2011 to the present, she has been conducting private medical practice in the city of La Marsa, Tunisia.
He is currently President of the United Kingdom Mesotherapy Society (SoMUK), co-director of the Mesotherapy Society of South Africa (SoMZA), partner of the Mesotherapy Society of Ukraine (SoMUA).
A cosmetologist who specializes in dermatology and is the founder and managing director of PHP Aesthetic and PHP Wellness, a division of PHP Health First.
A skin care consultant and advisor to fashion agencies in London and Paris. His clinic offers a holistic, integrated approach, combining cosmetology and nutrition to slow down aging. President of PHP Training Academy, which provides training for medical professionals worldwide in the field of aesthetic therapy.
Regional Manager of the French Association of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine in New Aquitaine. Lecturer at the University of Bordeaux Inter-University Diploma Program in Mesotherapy 2. Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society of Mesotherapy (ISM) from 2011 to 2013. Member of the Board of Directors of the French Society of Mesotherapy (SFM) from 1998 to 2014. Vice President of the College of Aesthetic Mesotherapy (CME). Vice-President of the Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Mesotherapy (AMME). Member of the Board of Directors of the French Association of Aesthetic Medicine (AFME).
Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical-Toxicological Chemistry, Moscow Medical University, I.M.Secenov, has been teaching pharmaceutical chemistry for more than 10 years. Candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences; Director of ООО «Коллаген Косметикс» and ООО «Косметические Решения» (Moscow, Russia); expert in the quality of pharmaceutical products, expert in the production and creation of natural collagen based cosmetics products.
Deputy Director of the Health and Beauty Academy and lecturer in cosmetology. The maker and composer of aesthetic mesotherapy programs at the Health and Beauty Academy. The speaker is the first graduate of aesthetic mesotherapy studies in the Baltic States - a degree in level V aesthetic mesotherapy specialist. Practicing aesthetic cosmetology / mesotherapy specialist, also has economics and cosmetology education. Areas of Interest: dermatocosmetology, special anatomy, aesthetic mesotherapy. Continuously improves professional knowledge in international congresses: ENTERestet (expert technologies in aesthetic injections (nuo 2016-2019 m.)), iClass ANATOMY Cadaver Course (Paris 2016), ISM International Congress of Mesotherapy 2019,Tunis. Member of LNDEMSA (Lithuanian National Association of Dermatocosmetology and Aesthetic Mesotherapy) Committee.

Participant package

A participant package includes the following:

  • 2 days of scientific program
  • gala dinner
  • pleasant surprises from the congress partners
  • Congress organizer cognitive tour program Vilnius - Trakai.

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Lithuanian Republic – School «Beauty & Health Academy»:

+37061610490 – Ingrida Karlonė
+37068652961 – Julija Šteinienė
+37062631010 – Giedrė Kersevičienė

Organization of the Congress

The Eurasian Association of Injection Technique Experts acting through the Beauty & Health Academy as its representative in Lithuanian Republic.


World Anti-Aging Mesotherapy Society (WAAMS), Aquitania

National Association of Dermatocosmetologists and Aesthetic Mesotherapists (LND EMSA), Lithuanian Republic

Kazakh Society of Mesotherapy (KOMTI), Kazakhstan

National Society of Mesotherapy (NOM), Russia

Ukrainian Society of Mesotherapy ”Union of Mesotherapists”, Ukraine

Initiative Group of the Bota LLC, Belarus.

Healthy and beauty academy (SGA)

We are a strong team of likeminded, focused, and friendly professionals who are determined to reach the same goals. Our team will not only make you look beautiful but will also train you to make others beautiful; we will not only help you to attain high qualification but will help you to further develop your skills and competences.

Health and Beauty Academy (HBA) was founded in 2014 after long work and practice experience in the beauty industry. We have gained lots of innovative knowledge and a strong team of tutors is managed by PhD, Mesotherpist, the author of Mesotherapy methodologies, the president of aesthetic Mesotherapy specialist association, MD Algirdas Čejauskas. He started to implement his old dream to have a training institution where high qualification beauty service specialists are being trained.

Our objective is to share knowledge, practice and love for the work and that beauty specialists would seek the best results and apply knowledge well in their everyday vocational work.

Public Association «Kazakhstan Society of Mesotherapy» (KOMTI)

Public Association «Kazakhstan Society of Mesotherapy» (KOMTI) pursue social and other goals valuable for the community aiming at formation and development of the scientific direction in the esthetic medicine, increase in the public status and a role of mesotherapy in the general medicine and distribution of mesotherapy methods in the Republic of Kazakhstan. KOMTI is a community of professionals applying such injection technologies as mesotherapy, contour correction, biorevitalization, bioreparation, botulinum toxin injections, etc., in the sphere of esthetic medicine, dermatology and therapy.

Since 2004 until present, KOMTI takes active part in organization of conferences, exhibitions and scientific congresses both in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries. Many contracts are signed with different companies, public institutions and social organizations of different countries for joint promotion of mesotherapy.

Traditionally the Society creates the platform for solution of the relevant tasks facing professional community of experts of esthetic medicine, and dermatocosmetology.

Lithuanian National Association of Dermatocosmetology and Aesthetic Mesotherapy Specialists (LNDEMSA)

What is LNDEMSA today? It is the preservation and development of various work areas that are relevant and interesting to doctors and cosmetologists practicing mesotherapy in their work. Organization of training for various forms doctors and beauticians. Mesotherapy training takes place in association partners training rooms, the training and seminars are conducted not only by Lithuanian specialists but also by famous foreign lecturers. To maintain the high quality of the work of doctors and beauticians, can not lag behind the world of mesotherapy innovation, so sharing work experience between Lithuanian and foreign colleagues - the most important component of a professional's success. Teaching professionals to use advanced technology and techniques in a professional manner in aesthetic mesotherapy is a key objective of our systemic approach to teaching.

LNDEMSA is always ready to cooperate in various fields. We are open to new ideas and suggestions, we are happy to discuss and implement new exciting opportunities. We discuss the terms of cooperation with each of our partners individually, because comfort and mutual trust are an integral part of successful and long-term cooperation.

The Eurasian Association of Injection Experts

The Eurasian Association of Injection Experts is a professional union of likeminded experts of three countries (Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine):

  • Russia - National Society of Mesotherapy (NSM)
  • Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan Society of Mesotherapy (KOMTI)
  • Ukraine - All-Ukrainian society of mesotherapy "Union of Mesotherapists"

In 2014, Natalya Pavlovna Mikhailova, PhD in Medicine, President of National Society of Mesotherapy (Russia) was chosen as the President of Eurasian Association by the common decision of initiators.

Having combined efforts, representatives of national societies of mesotherapy protect branch interests in the ministries and departments of their states and conduct joint researches, involving relevant scientific research institutes and departments from the universities of the adjacent countries that will allow exchange knowledge and innovative technologies.

The best cosmetologists of the former Soviet countries entered the Eurasian Association. It is open for the experienced practicing cosmetologists and young and ambitious specialists.

Almost at once, there was a need of creation of the Advisory Council with a consultative vote recognized in the professional community. Now the Advisory Council consists of the following members: N.P.Mikhailova, M.A.Selyanin, E.A.Chaikovskaya and N.D.Markova. The Counsil promotes implementation of the advanced technologies and safe modern techniques, calculates efficiency of the offered projects and participates in coordination of the Elite Club activity.

In addition, participation in development of the Eurasian Association is an admission to the closed conferences and seminars of international stars of injection cosmetology at economic prices.